About us

About us

In order to properly develop a profitable business, Cryptonomia Trade Limited chose three independent directions of activity, each of which includes trading operations.

The company specialists are extremely confident that marginal trading brings in the most palpable financial result. We required several years of experiments to form one vector of development of a whole company.

The staff of the company has been productively working under one roof since 2016.

The trading team has been put together mostly of citizens of UK.

Successful trading activity allowed the company to grow main assets to enter many earlier inaccessible markets.

However, in order to attract significant investment capital and start stock trading, the management of Cryptonomia Trade Limited made a decision to create a trading department in Great Britain, a country with the softest investment climate.

Here, the legislation is suitable for financial trading activity, and the taxation system is simplified which allows to avoid non-trading risks.

Registration of the company in London is the first and the most important step of the company in the area of trust management of investment assets.

As of today the company is focused on trading in three independent focus areas: Forex trading, stock exchange trading and multi-currency exchange service for electronic payment methods.

Cryptonomia Trade Limited launched a special investment platform with an automatic currency acceptance, profit accruals and subsequent payments.

All operations are performed in a system in automatic mode which completely eliminates the human factor, the capability of unsanctioned manipulations from the outside.

Cooperating with Cryptonomia Trade Limited project, you can be confident in the safety of your money, as well as in high profitability of your investments.

Everything that you need to do is fill out the registration form, create an account and make an investment according to the conditions of the investment plan that reflects your expectations of the result of our work the most.

To check our official registration on the CompanyHouse website in England, it is necessary to click on the following link .

Certificate of Incorporation